Built by Andrew Barclay Sons and Co in 1918, Pozieres was the mainstay of the Bellarine Railways operations for the 2010s, and come 2022, it was time for ‘Poz’ to get some much needed attention. During 2020, a lot of work was undertaken on the rods and motion of this loco (not documented here), leaving some major boiler work as the focus of this overhaul.


August 2023 Update

All the patches in the boiler have been completed, and we are currently in the process of riveting them in place, and ascertaining that the boiler will hold water. The brackets on the throat plate have also been reinstalled. We have taken the chance to replace a few life-expired crown stay nuts and washers, as well as a few tubes that were going to fail shortly. To work on the tubes, we have taken the front end (spark arrester etc) apart, to allow access.

March 2023 Update

Over a year into the Pozieres project now, and we are starting to see some exciting results of our labour. The throat plate patch has been welded and rivetted in, and two new washout plugs have been successfully added to the front corners. Hopefully this will make washing out the boiler much easier in the future. All the stays have been completed, and all that remains is the final fit-up of the inner patches, and riveting them in place.

November 2022 Update

Over the last several months, work has been focused on the boiler repairs. Thickness testing has been undertaken all over the boiler, to check for any thin spots of concern, and also to compare to our notes from the original 2011 restoration. All seems ok and we have not lost much thickness at all, which is a sign that our boiler treatment plan is working well. The front inner corners of the firebox have been cut out for replacement, as has the lower part of the throat plate. These were the areas that initially sent Pozieres out of service, and we are currently test fitting and aligning the new patches.

March 2022 Update

Work to strip Pozieres down to the bare boiler is progressing well, with all the cladding removed by our volunteers. Over the past couple of months we have been removing stay bolts from the drivers side of the firebox, with the intention to replace all that need replacing, in the hope that we will not have to return to this area any time soon. The C type air compressor has also been removed for a tune up, and the smokebox has been sanded down to bare metal for a repaint.