The Bellarine Railway Environmental Projects

Our railway passes picturesque Swan Bay and through remnant native vegetation, it’s imperative that we manage the environment responsibly.

The Bellarine Railway is committed to conducting operational activities in a way that minimises environmental impacts and delivers continuous improvement in the various activities we undertake. Maintaining the rail corridor and respecting the community overlay of the rail trail and our neighbours is of the highest priority. The Bellarine Railway is dedicated to managing the rail corridor inclusive of the existing native flora and fauna, wildlife habitat, landcare, weed and pest control, fire prevention and the visual aspects of the local environment.

The railway is committed to transparently sharing communications via this page in the form of photos and summary reports of the various environmental tasks undertaken and completed by the Volunteers of the Bellarine Railway.

Queenscliff Workshop Environmental Remediation Project - June 2022

Bellarine Railway Workshops
Victrack Environmental Remediation Update June 2022
Location: Queenscliff Workshops (Bridge St)
Volunteer Working Group:
Trevor Hutchinson, Lindsay Walker, Neville Palmer, Peter Rouse, Merv Halsall, Doug Miles, Ken Pearce, Andy Lamb

Tasked with the responsibility of cleaning up the Queenscliff Workshops yard with the aim of visually improving the optics of the site, pest elimination through habitat control, trapping and weed eradication program and removal/recycling of items left onsite.


The scope of project works envisaged has seen a variety of tasks undertaken in order to successfully complete the remediation works.
• Rubbish removed via Suez and the Green waste bins
• Used tyres removed and correctly disposed of via Geelong City Council Transfer Station @ Drysdale
• Weed removal
• Site levelled and covered with recycled 20mm Class 3 Crushed Concrete (Re-purposing waste material)
• Pest elimination – rodent trapping and habitat removal
• Scrap metal items sorted for recycling, transportation be North Geelong Recycling
• Pallet racking assembled from Lakers Stock
• Items salvaged from the ground have been sorted, palletised and determined their value to the railway (asset retained for future use, an asset for recycling and/or asset for disposal)
• Planting of native vegetation is the next step
• Scheduled Completion July 2022


Please let reach out if you wish to know more or would like to assist with this important project.