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Operational Carriages

The following table outlines a brief history of each vehicle.

Last User Description
Operational ZA200 WAGR Midland 1912 WAGR (1970)  Composite Brake Van, built as ZA 9348, renumbered 8/1941
Operational AAR4 Clyde Engineering Co. 1937 AN(T) (1978) Saloon Buffet Carriage with kitchen and bar facilities.
Operational BBL10 Clyde Engineering Co. 1937 AN(T) (1978) Saloon Carriage
Operational AAR1 Clyde Engineering Co. 1937 AN(T) (1978) Saloon Carriage
Operational MV1333 Queensland Railways 1944 QR (1988) Mail Brake Van. Used as Dance Car on The Blues Train
Operational DAV1056 Queensland Railways 1924 QR (1989) Train Crew Brake Van, built as DAS Pullman Sleeping Car, converted 1979
Operational BUV1299 Queensland Railways  -  - Composite Brake Van
Operational BU465 Queensland Railways  -  - Suburban Car
Operational BBL6 Parsons & Gilmour 1922 TGR (1972) ‘Dog Box’ Passenger Car, built as ABL 15, converted to BBL 6 11/1929
Operational ABL14 Parsons & Gilmour 1922 TGR (1977) ‘Dog Box’ Passenger Car
Operational DB46 TGR Launceston 1949 AN(T) (1987) Composite Brake Van


  • ANR – Australian National (former Commonwealth Railways & former SAR)
  • AN(T) – Australian National (Tasrail), (former TGR) Now PacificNational
  • APC – Australian Portland Cement Ltd, Fyansford, Vic (now Australian Cement Ltd).
  • EBR – Emu Bay Railway Co. Ltd., Burnie, Tasmania
  • PSM – Pioneer Sugar, Ayr, Queensland.
  • QR - Queensland Railways
  • SAR – South Australian Railways (now ANR).
  • SRWSC – State Rivers & Water Supply Commission (Rural Water Commission of Vict.)
  • TGR – Tasmanian Government Railways
  • VR – Victorian Railways (V/Line)Now PacificNational
  • WAGR – Western Australian Government Railways